Utility contribution

Utility contribution fee in ​​the city of Rijeka area

The utility contribution fee is a monetary public contribution paid for the use of communal infrastructure and the locational benefits of construction land in the city during the construction or legalization of the building. It is a part of the City Budget revenue which is used to finance the construction and maintenance of communal infrastructure.

The person liable to pay the utility contribution is the owner or the investor of the land on which the building is being built or reconstructed or where there is a legalized building.

The unit value of the utility contribution is determined depending on the zone in which the building plot is located. It is generated by multiplying the coefficient of the zone (Z) in the city where the land is located, which is prescribed by City’s decision, and an amount equal to 10% of the value of the average construction costs per m³ of a building in the Republic of Croatia, which is published by the minister of construction.

The utility contribution is paid once and a payment in installments can be approved based on the written request of the payer. As an incentive measure for entrepreneurs, certain reductions in the zone coefficient are prescribed in such a way that for the volume belonging to the garage-parking space within the building for which the amount of the communal contribution is determined, the zone coefficient is reduced by 50%. Furthermore, for production and industrial buildings, the coefficient of the zone is reduced by 50%, and for a hotels group of objects (except for tourist apartments and boarding houses), for hostels and ports of nautical tourism – the coefficient of the zone is reduced by 40%.

The decision on communal economy prescribes the general conditions and reasons for which a complete exemption from the payment of communal contribution is granted in certain cases (e.g. for the construction and legalization of communal infrastructure, traffic, water, maritime, communication and electronic infrastructure, above-ground and underground product lines and lines, sports and children’s playgrounds, fences, walls and retaining walls, parking lots, roads, paths, bridges, fountains, photovoltaic modules on a building plot or the scope of interventions in the space of an existing building or on an existing building, which are intended for the use of that building).

Utility contribution of the City of Rijeka

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  • Rulebook on the method of determining the volume of the building for the calculation of the communal contribution (“Official Gazette” number 15/19)