Information system for conducting simple procurement procedures

With the aim of improving efficiency, raising the transparency of procurement and encouraging market competition, and especially to encourage the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the public procurement market, The City of Rijeka digitized the process of simple procurement through the application Ensolva – a specialized solution for the implementation of simple procurement procedures. From December 1st, 2022, the City of Rijeka will implement all simple procurement procedures through the Ensolva application.

Ensolva enables business entities to register in the system for unlimited time and completely free of charge with access to all published documents in simple procurement procedures of the City of Rijeka with electronic bids submition.

Ensolva protects the integrity and confidentiality of bids until the deadline for bid submission expires.

Ensolva electronically informs interested economic entities about any change that the City of Rijeka will make in the specific procurement procedure for which they have expressed their interest (either by downloading documentation or by submitting an offer). This way, complete transparency is ensured in the simple procurement procedures of the City of Rijeka, as well as equal treatment of all interested economic entities. The City of Rijeka can also use the system to conduct market research by sending public invitations for the delivery of non-binding informative offers to all interested economic entities.

All economic entities interested in participating in future simple procurement procedures are invited to register on the Supplier Portal via the following link: https://portal.ensolva.com/user/register Registration instructions, user support e-mail address and telephone number for using the application can be found at the footer of the linked website.

Registered users can access the Supplier Portal via the following link: https://portal.ensolva.com/user/login