Project Enter Rijeka

A City of Rijeka platform intended for entrepreneurs in the Rijeka region, as well as investors

Why is Enter Rijeka an important project for us?

ENTER RIJEKA platform represents a central point of information and connection between businesses and investors within the Rijeka urban ecosystem.

It includes information relevant to stimulating the interest of investors, provides service information that facilitates entry into the local market and enables targeted connection with entities from the business, scientific-research, public and civil sectors with the purpose of developing projects and strategic collaborations.

Projects with the greatest development potential.

By visiting the website, investors get a multidimensional insight into the condition and potential of the Rijeka area, as well as the availability of the ENTER MATCH tool for networking and connecting with local stakeholders according to the field of interest.

Use the potential of the Enter Rijeka platform

Present or explore interesting, developing projects and connect with business partners.

Submit your project

If you have a great idea that you want to realize, present your project.

Search active projects

Choose your future investment.

Attract investors

Connect with relevant partners and start a successful business partnership.