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The Competence Center for Smart Cities is a three-year project of national significance, and also the largest development project in Croatia in the field of information and communication solutions aimed at improving the quality of life for citizens. It brings together businesses and research institutions to collaborate on research and development projects.

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Smart RI d.o.o.

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All 36 products and services developed through the CEKOM project for smart cities have been developed to the level of readiness for commercialization. Considering the international classification of technological readiness, the project concludes at TRL 6 phase while full commercial application and readiness are expected at TRL 9 phase. Accordingly, all consortium partners and/or individual technological partners are seeking investments to enable the completion of the research and development process to full commercial readiness. Additionally, partners within the project have further ideas for commercial research and development projects that address the lack of collaboration between industry and the research community on specific projects. All new products/services are also in the domain of smart cities and address challenges faced by cities, such as traffic, energy, ecology, infrastructure, resource management, etc.

Investment opportunities

Smart RI d.o.o. (Rijeka), 3t.Cable d.o.o. (Opatija), Alarm automatika d.o.o. (Rijeka), Apsolon d.o.o. (Zagreb), Combis d.o.o. (Zagreb), Elektrokovina Plus d.o.o. (Zagreb), Energetski institut Hrvoje Požar (Zagreb), Energo d.o.o. (Rijeka), Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d. (Zagreb), Exevio d.o.o. (Rijeka), Fakultet za menadžment u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu Opatija, Hrvatski Telekom d.d. (Zagreb), IOLAP Inc. (Frisco, Texas, SAD), KD Vodovod i Kanalizacija d.o.o. (Rijeka), Kreativni odjel d.o.o. (Rijeka), Pomorski fakultet (Rijeka), Rijeka Plus d.o.o. (Rijeka), Smart Sense d.o.o. (Zagreb), SmartIS d.o.o. (Zagreb), Sveučilište u Rijeci

Partner on the project

Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.

Funding model

For the development of a modern urban smart city, the use of information and communication technology is essential as it drives economic competitiveness, ecological sustainability, and overall quality of life. Embracing innovation, increasing productivity, efficient resource utilization, and high added value in products and services that can compete in the increasingly complex global market are key indicators. Such an approach will attract new investments and jobs while fostering innovation.

Thanks to the CEKOM project for smart cities, the city of Rijeka will become a testing and showcasing center for ‘smart’ technologies, where pilot projects will be conducted to enhance products and/or services to the level of commercial readiness. This will position Rijeka as a development center and an optimal location for long-term research projects, as well as a competent hub for technologies, new products, and knowledge.

Contribution to the investment climate

In line with the invitation from the Ministry of Economy, competence centers strengthen collaboration between industry and the research community on specific projects. This is achieved precisely by establishing an innovation cluster that fosters collaboration between entrepreneurs and research organizations to expand knowledge through research and development projects. This is exactly what has been established through the CEKOM project for smart cities, and the result of such collaboration is a total of 36 commercial projects. Smart RI is a beneficiary of the CEKOM project for smart cities and serves as a link to other partners, but partners can also be contacted directly, depending on the individual investor's interest in CEKOM subprojects: Energy & Environment, 4D Intelligent Infrastructure, Connected Traffic, Surinmo, Living, and Modesty. In the long term, the cluster organization will also provide educational, promotional, and advisory services, as well as services to strengthen national and transnational cooperation.

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The CEKOM project for smart cities is the result of a joint application and elaboration of six research and development projects by 20 partners based on the call for Support for the Development of Competence Centers within the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.

Over the course of three years, project partners will develop 36 innovative products and services in the field of smart city technology. The project entails a systematic and innovative approach to urban development, resource management, processes, and services using new technologies. This aims to enhance the quality of life for citizens and visitors, enable smart decision-making and management, and improve efficiency in terms of planning and achieving savings. The goal is to address challenges faced by cities, such as transportation, energy, ecology, infrastructure, and resource management. In addition to optimal resource utilization, a smart city encourages citizens, communities, research institutions, and entrepreneurs to use collected data, thereby enhancing the possibility of participation in problem identification and solution finding.