Public transport system strengthening

The project represents the modernization of the existing fleet by acquiring and putting into operation 32 new buses. As part of the project, information displays will be installed at bus stops, smart traffic lights at intersections, and a mobile and web application for bus arrival announcements will be developed. The project represents the modernization of the existing fleet.

11.893.320 EUR

Project value

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In progress

Stage of development​

KD Autotrolej d.o.o. Rijeka

Project leader



The ITI (Integrated Territorial Investment) mechanism – EU funds

Funding model

Project completion by December 2023

Projected duration of the project /


The system for announcing the arrival of buses at bus stops and the software solution for mobile and web applications involve the procurement of a comprehensive information system for public urban and suburban transportation. This system will automatically calculate the estimated arrival time of each bus at the bus stop based on automatically acquired information about the current georeferenced position of each individual bus. This information will then be transmitted to the information displays at the bus stops. The procurement of the system includes a software component, the programming foundation for all computer applications to track bus movements and predict arrivals at bus stops, and a hardware component, comprising all equipment at the traffic control center, communication equipment for the link between the traffic control center and external networks of variable signs, necessary equipment on buses, equipment such as information displays at stops, and equipment at the server center, as well as maintenance.