Port of Baroš – Nautical Tourism Port

Porto Baroš nautical tourism port, located in the organized maritime area, will provide services for mooring and accommodating guests on vessels, while on the coastal land strip, it will offer hospitality and commercial facilities as well as parking services. Nautical facilities in the marina include berths for vessel accommodation, reception, a workshop for vessel maintenance and repairs, space for vessel servicing, and more, while hospitality and commercial content encompass tourism services in congress tourism, accommodation units for sailors, restaurants, retail outlets, and other amenities.

50.000.000 EUR

Project value

Area of Development

In progress

Stage of development​

ACI - GITONE d.o.o.

Project leader



Gitone Kvarner Ltd. and Adriatic Croatia International Club for the activity of marinas plc.

Partner on the project

Credit indebtedness and own funds

Funding model

07.2023. – 12.2026.

Projected duration of the project

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The company ACI-Gitone holds the concession on the maritime domain for the purpose of constructing and economically utilizing a specialized port – Porto Baroš nautical tourism port in the area of Stari Grad cadastral municipality, City of Rijeka. Porto Baroš nautical tourism port entails an investment worth 50 million euros from 2023 to 2026, making it the largest marina for mega yachts in this part of the Mediterranean with this investment. Within the scope are existing maritime structures (port infrastructure) – Ružićev pier, Sušak breakwater, Senj and Vinodol docks, and structures (port superstructure) port warehouses 40, 41, and customs house. The area of the maritime domain – port area, land (29,979 m2), and sea (75,918 m2) parts, totaling 105,897 m2. The concession is granted for a period of 30 years. Marina Porto Baroš will be an elite marina with the highest categorization of 5 anchors and 260 berths with an average length of 19 meters. Additionally, the investment is expected to directly employ more than 130 people.


– Commercial and hospitality spaces
– Accommodation units for sailors
– Wellness/Spa
– Outdoor recreational areas
– Infinity pool on the roof of the central building
– Storage, warehouse, and ancillary spaces, bathrooms, and changing rooms
– Reception and offices of ACI Marina Rijeka and ACI d.d. Management offices
– Parking (outdoor spaces and garage) with more than 500 parking spots, charter agencies
– Gas station
– 7 port cranes
– 8 new floating pontoons for vessel mooring at Senj dock and Sušak breakwater
– Promenade with an alley along Senj and Vinodol docks and the crown of the Sušak breakwater wall and flat roof of new buildings planned for construction on the Sušak breakwater and Ružićev pier