Creative technologies and the IT industry Incubator Energana

The incubator represents a modern entrepreneurial infrastructure that provides users with space, equipment, education, and other types of support aimed at enhancing competitiveness and fostering the growth and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the information technology sector and creative technologies in the area of the Rijeka Urban Agglomeration.

6.147.184 EUR

Project value

Area of Development

U provedbi

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City of Rijeka

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Non-repayable funds from the European Regional Development Fund – Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020: 4,176,544 EUR
Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds: 368,518 EUR
City of Rijeka: 1,602,121 EUR

Funding model

Through the construction of the Incubator for Creative Technologies and IT Industry, Rijeka has committed to investing in the development of IT, creative, and smart city industries, which are recognized as industries of the future. These industries are known for generating a significant number of jobs, offering above-average salaries, making a positive contribution to the gross domestic product, and fostering high levels of technological competence and research and development potential.

Contribution to the investment climate

The business internationalization program for Incubator users will be implemented in collaboration with international entrepreneurial support institutions (ESIs). The intention is to establish long-term cooperation with interested ESIs from EU countries and beyond, which work with entrepreneurs in the field of creative technologies and the IT industry.

Possibility of collaboration

04/2020 – 07/2023

Projected duration of the project

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The ‘Incubator for Creative Technologies and IT Industry at Energana’ project initiated by the City of Rijeka aims to stimulate the development of competitive products and services with higher added value through incubation and networking of entrepreneurs within a new and advanced entrepreneurial infrastructure. Support to users will be provided in three main thematic areas: IT, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), development of computer games, as well as photography and video production. Incubator users will receive support through integrated activities in developing new products and services, networking, internationalization, and seeking sources of funding. The incubator is primarily intended for novice entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the growth phase in IT and creative industries and related areas such as smart industries, as well as startups emerging from the Rijeka Startup Incubator program.

By reconstructing the building of the former Paper Factory Rijeka, more than 2,700 square meters of usable space will be arranged on three floors. The future space of the incubator will include, among other things, 24 office spaces, or incubation units for entrepreneurs, classrooms, meeting rooms, a multifunctional hall, coworking space, and other functional and logistical facilities necessary for efficient work and pleasant stay of users in the incubator.

Users will have access to specialized spaces with equipment: an artificial intelligence laboratory (AI Lab) with ICT equipment for the needs of educating entrepreneurs focused on the development of artificial intelligence; IoT/robotics workshop for practical use of IoT and robotic equipment, testing, and system development; a classroom for game development with workstations and software for all segments of game development along with a 3D printer and 3D scanner; and a film and photography studio with professional cameras, lighting, backgrounds, as well as sound and graphic studio and projection room. The incubator space will also house a Data Center, a data center that will offer data storage services to incubator users, as well as interested economic entities.

The intention is for the incubator to position itself in the future as an innovation hub – a center for the development and demonstration of products and services based on IT, smart, and creative technologies, aiming to create long-term positive effects on the competitiveness and growth of the local economy.