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The reconstruction and revitalization project of the former industrial complex Rikard Benčić is one of the cultural priorities of the City of Rijeka, and its realization has transformed the entire, once neglected, area of the complex into one of the largest cultural infrastructure projects in the Republic of Croatia. EU co-financing, as well as the city’s own funds, have enabled the creation of a cultural focal point in the city, with a focus on the younger population.

39.136.183,57 EUR

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City of Rijeka

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A concession tender is envisaged for the commercial spaces in the Sugar Refinery Palace. - for catering activities, i.e., for a Cafe bar with pastry service, which includes a business premises with a total area of 90 m² - for tourism services, i.e., a tourist or marketing agency, which includes a business premises with a total area of 101 m² Concessions on cultural assets for economic use of part of the Sugar Refinery Palace are granted for 10 years. Since the building has been renovated, future concessionaires will, at their own expense, carry out necessary construction works and interior decoration, as well as equip the space according to the needs of the activities. Interested economic entities can, with prior notice to the Department of Culture, visit and inspect the location and its surroundings in order to assess the investment costs for the spaces subject to concession.

Investment opportunities

The Museum of the City of Rijeka

  • Art Cinema
  • Rijeka City Library
  • Rijeka City Puppet Theatre
  • Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Partner on the project

The funding model for the reconstruction of the facilities includes non-refundable EU funds from the Regional Development Fund and the city’s own funds from the City of Rijeka, while funding for the final preparation of commercial space is expected from a future investor/leaseholder. The Republic of Croatia additionally assists by providing 11.5 million kuna in non-refundable funds for its own component, while the Ministry of Culture has allocated funds for the restoration of paintings and vaults in the Sugar Refinery through the Croatian Conservation Institute.

Funding model

Potential partners and collaborators in the project are free to engage in cooperation, development, and promotion of temporary or permanent cultural content, events, and other activities that the Benčić district offers, in agreement with the Department of City Culture Administration and the city's cultural institutions.

Possibility of collaboration

December 2023.

Projected duration of the project


The Museum of the City of Rijeka, Art Cinema, Rijeka City Library, Rijeka City Puppet Theatre, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art