RiHub is a multifunctional space located in the very center of the city of Rijeka. RiHUB is dedicated to entrepreneurship support and development. As part of RiHub users have access to the Rijeka Startup Incubator, an open-space coworking enviroment and other capacities that are available to users, such as a conference hall and meeting rooms. In addition to the implementation of Startup Incubator programs and events, RiHub is also open to other entrepreneurial and broader social initiatives and activities, which contribute to strengthening entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competences. As well as encouraging urban culture and other community potentials.

All services provided by RiHub are completely free for users. The RiHub space is owned by the City of Rijeka and its contents and activities are managed by the Entrepreneurship City Administration Department. Official website
https://startup.rijeka.hr/rihub Phone
+385 51 209 940 E-mail
rihub@rijeka.hr Address
Ivana Grohovac 1/a, HR-51000 Rijeka