Establishment of a Reuse Center (CPU)

The establishment of a Reuse Center is planned, representing an entity whose activity involves the collection, refurbishment, and redistribution of products that would otherwise become waste. The reuse of products or waste has positive effects on the environment: it prevents water, soil, and air pollution, conserves raw materials, and saves energy.

332.000,00 - 400.0000,00 EUR

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KD Čistoća d.o.o. Rijeka

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Funds for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, own resources

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In addition to its core activities, the mission of KD Čistoća Rijeka is to prevent waste generation and promote reuse. With the aim of reducing the amount of discarded but still functional furniture and useful items, KD Čistoća Rijeka plans to open a Reuse Center (CPU). The idea of the Reuse Center project is to promote positive habits of proper waste and product management before they become waste, complementing the city’s Riperaj workshop. In other words, the Reuse Center project, through its mission and goals, encourages environmentally responsible behavior by collecting, refurbishing, and repairing furniture and consumer goods so that they can be resold to the local community at affordable prices.